The links below are to PDF documents that report information about psychological measures that I have developed and validated in publications. They can be freely used without permission for non-commercial educational or research purposes, but I would appreciate updates on any publications that employ them so that I can provide the most accurate validity information for future users ( These measures are not available for free use for commercial applications; commercial users should contact me for more information on pricing and administration.

Machiavellian Personality Scale (Dahling, Whitaker, & Levy, 2009 — Journal of Management)

General Pro-Social Rule Breaking Scale (Dahling, Chau, Mayer, & Gregory, 2012 — Journal of Organizational Behavior)

Feedback-Seeking Motives Scales (Dahling, O’Malley, & Chau, 2015 — Journal of Managerial Psychology)

Normative Conflict with Organizational Rules Scale (Dahling & Gutworth, 2017 — Journal of Organizational Behavior)