Links go to recent versions of each course syllabus. Some courses, especially in the specialized level, are rarely offered; I most often teach PSY267, 299, 364, 390/492, and 470. For internships, individual studies, and senior honors theses, syllabi/contracts are developed on an individual basis.

Core & Foundation Courses (200-level)
  • Organizational Psychology (Spring 2019: PSY267)
  • Research Seminar (Spring 2018: PSY299)
Specialized Courses (300-level)
  • Industrial Psychology (Fall 2022: PSY364)
  • Performance Management (Spring 2010: PSY374)
  • Psychology of Leadership (Spring 2021: PSY360)
Senior Seminar (400-level)
  • Self-Regulation (Spring 2023: PSY470)
Research and ELOPsy Courses/Sponsorships
  • Collaborative Research (Spring 2023: PSY390/492)
  • Internships (PSY399/499)
  • Individual Studies (PSY393/493)
  • Senior Honors Theses (PSY396/496)